Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life Goes On but my God is ALWAYS faithful!!!

Things have not been very easy lately. I have been hobbling around and feeling like I am 90 years old for about 2 months now. I tore the miniscus in my knee. Don't have any idea how that happened but I do know it sure has been painful! I had knee surgery 2 days ago and am on the mend now.

God has been so good! I just have to share this story and brag on Him.

The last week before my surgery I was feeling very down and depressed. I found myself crying daily. I was exhausted from the constant pain and was crabby. I was surrounded by so many things at home that needed to be done, but absolutely no energy or strength OR ability to do anything. For 5 weeks I would come home from school everyday and go straight to the recliner. I would sit there with ice packs on my knee and back. You see, my back and hip were out of whack due to the limping and favoring of my knee. The day before my surgery was very difficult. I had to prepare for 2 1/2 days for a substitute. The kids have been on high speed since we finished Terra Nova testing. I was going to miss the Easter egg hunt with my 'kinders' so I was trying to inform the room mom of everything she would possibly need to know. I had to teach Learning Zone after school. And I have really been feeling a special tug on my heart for my class lately. Anyway, Monday was a difficult day! I leave school and all the way home I am bumming about my situation and feeling sorry for myself. When I turn the corner onto my street I see a bunch of cars parked on the street in front of my house. I am thinking, "What is going on? Did someone in the neighborhood die?" As I pull into my driveway I see a friend with her weedeater in my yard. I see another friend's 18 year old son sweeping my front porch. I see my flowerbed has been weeded and I can now see the beautiful hostas and hydrangea bush. I see some more friends stick their heads out of the house and tell me I can't come in. Then Levi (my son) comes out and says, "Come on, we are going to dinner". He takes me to Pad Thai for dinner and then to Lix Custard for ice cream. When I get home, my house smells so good!! Everything is clean!!! Even the windows were washed - the carport was swept - the deck was straightened - new mulch was in my back flowerbed - dishes are done - all bathrooms are cleaned - floors have been vacuumed & swept - and there are flowers waiting for me and my favorite muffins!

I am so blessed with the most fabulous friends!!!

Since then two friends have brought me dinner and one of them made home made chocolate chip cookies here and cleaned up my kitchen again. Let me tell you - There is no better medicine that warm cookies straight out of the oven!!!

Needless to say, my whining pity party had to stop!!! I have had a smile on my face since Monday evening - even through the surgery and pain that followed I am happy and blessed.

My God is good!!!

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gwen said...

Jeanna, that is so awesome! He sends angels in the form of friends. Sorry to hear you have been having trouble but glad you are on the mend!!